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Mailer August 2007

WARNING!  EMF radiation from this PC depletes your bioenergy! Get protection for your safety!

Your body has an energy signalling system that's vital for its proper function. See Energy Systems.  You need to protect it!
Don't exposure yourself to EMFs without protection. You wouldn't expose yourself to the sun for hours - you'd get skin cancer soon enough.  EMF is invisible and every day EMF stress affects your body putting your health at risk; a wide range of symptoms result. Just read What Doctors warnEMF radiation depletes bioenergy, compromising your immune system! There is a cumulative effect. Take advantage of my website to find out more about these modern day hazards.
An amazing new protection that really works is now available with GIA Wellness. You can avoid adverse health risks and enjoy a New Generation of Wellness in an increasingly electropolluted world. Electropollution is a real environmental toxin.

Especially don't expose your child to EMFs. They have a lifetime more to bear this and the full extent of risks is not yet known!


Tim Leitch Bioenergy

Protection for your
vital Bioenergy

Your Health at Risk - EMF Radiation from 
your Cellphone, Cordless Phone & Computer
- and how you can avoid the risks !



Brain energy pulses flashing

Find out about your energy system and how to protect it
Tim Leitch Bioenergy
click at http://timleitch.net.nz

Find out about -
  • Your sophisticated electronic system that communicates brain signals to atoms and cells thoughout your body in an instant.
  • Adverse health effects of EMF stress and signals pulsed at microwave frequencies on your vital bioenergy.
  • How you can protect yourself and those you care about.
Simple Drop Down Menu
gives you convenient access to a wealth of information -
  • Dangers - EMF
  • EMF News Shocks
  • EMF Danger Articles
  • Child Dangers
  • Human Tests
  • Energy Systems
  • Available Protection
See revealing images -
  • Bioenergy tests charts showing reduction by EMF from cellphone, cordless phone, tv, computer, etc, and how this is overturned with Biopro.  Added increase in bioenergy with BioLife. 
  • Blood microscopy analysis showing stress after day in office, and how this is overturned wearing the new BioLife pendant.
  • GDV imaging of a "star burst" of energy from ERT enhancement of BioProduce.  This is quite unique.
This is remarkable stuff!
**  It's ENERGY  **
and a technology that influences energy to provide you with unique and effective protection against toxic electropollution in the technological age.
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Are you aware of this recent headline out of London?
There is greater awareness about the risks of EMF in the United Kingdom and the EU than there is in USA or Australia or New Zealand.

Two in three believe radiation from phones damaged their health
by Geoffrey Lean     published: 8 July 2007

Two-thirds of Britons believe radiation from mobile phones and their masts has affected their health, a startling official survey shows.  And huge majorities are dissatisfied with government assurances about the potential threat.

The survey is the result of a giant Eurobarometer exercise that polled more than 27,000 people across the continent, 1,375 of them in Britain.  It shows that concern about the radiation is far greater than ... most ... believe, and that official attempts to downplay the issue have backfired.

It found 65 per cent of Britons believed mobile phones affected their health, and 71 per cent thought the masts did.
Across Europe, the figures were 73 and 76 per cent respectively, sharply up from 55 and 58 per cent five years ago.

Recent years have seen increasing evidence of risks from the phones.  Scandinavian studies have suggested that people who have used them for more than 10 years are much more likely to get brain tumours, and that the radiation kills brain cells, which could lead to today's young people being senile from their forties.

There is much less evidence on effects from the masts, but studies have revealed a worrying incidence of symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, nausea and memory problems.  Campaigners also claim they may cause cancers.

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BioInitiative Report  -  released today 31 August 2007

An international working group of scientists, researchers and public health policy professionals (The BioInitiative Working Group) has today released its report on electromagnetic fields (EMF) and health. They document serious scientific concerns about current limits regulating how much EMF is allowable from power lines, cell phones, and many other sources of EMF exposure in daily life.
The report concludes the existing standards for public safety are inadequate to protect public health.

Here is some of what the report incorporates -

  • Evidence for Inadequacy of the Standards
  • Evidence for Effects on Gene and Protein Expression
  • Evidence for Genotoxic Effects – DNA Damage
  • Evidence for Stress Response (Stress Proteins)
  • Evidence for Effects on Immune Function
  • Evidence for Effects on Neurology and Behavior
  • Evidence for Brain Tumors and Acoustic Neuromas
  • Evidence for Childhood Cancers and Leukemia
  • Evidence for Effects on Melatonin: Alzheimer’s Disease and Breast Cancer
  • Evidence for Breast Cancer promotion - Melatonin links in laboratory and cell studies
  • Evidence for Disruption of Human Energies by the Modulating Signal
  • Evidence Based on EMF Medical Therapeutics
  • The Precautionary Principle
  • Key Scientific Evidence and Public Health Policy Recommendations

We are exposed to levels of EMF radiation today greater than have occurred in the entire human existence.  It continues to increase in our technological age.  How long it will take for significant effects to show up on you just can't be predicted.  But it's not a risk that should be ignored any longer!

I need time to research this detailed and significant report, with the latest scientific research, before being able to bring relevant information to you.
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It is vitally important to make use of the intervention technologies that are now available to counter much of the mounting invisible EMF exposure in your modern technological world.

More to come about the innovative Noise Field Technology to protect against EMF radiation.  It creates a counter wave to literally cancel out the dangerous effects of EMF radiation.

Protect your child!   Children are more susceptible to EMFs and will be exposed for even more years throughout their lives.  Takes steps to safeguard them NOW!

In May 2000, the Stewart Commission in the UK singled out mobile phone use by children, the elderly, and the infirm as cause for concern.  The study warned that children may be more vulnerable to radio frequency (RF) radiation exposure because of their developing nervous system and brain neurons, a thinner skull so a greater absorption of energy in the tissues of the head, and a longer lifetime of exposure.  The Commission recommended that a Precautionary Approach be taken by everyone with electromagnetic radiation and microwave signals.

More recently, in a Review Report, January 2005, Sir William Stewart, now of the NRPB, National Radiological Protection Board, expressed concern that the advice is being ignored.  He said: "If there are risks - and we think that maybe there are - then the people who are going to be most affected are children, and the younger the child, the greater the danger.

For more on this see the Child Risks section on my website http://bioenergy.timleitch.net.nz/child_risks.htm

Find out about EMF stress and how you can protect yourself and those you care about.

See more information on my website http://TimLeitch.net.nz   Go to Bioenergy.
Let others know about this issue, because many people have not yet realised the risk of adverse health effects and a compromised immune system caused by exposure to invisible EMFs.  They deserve to be made aware that there are real risks so they can get protection before they are more affected.

Gain additional income from protecting other against electropollution.

Do you know of anyone who'd like to gain an additional income stream from helping others to gain protection from the dangers of EMF radiation, please contact me.  This is a very worthwhile, satisfying and rewarding role.

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You have a sophisticated body electronics system that is vital to its function.  So don't allow yourself to be exposed to health risks invisibly imposed by EMF radiation from electric & magnetic fields and pulsed microwave transmission signals, which are at frequencies that disrupt your brain and cellular functions.  Cellphone and cordless phone use does carry well-established risks!  EMF stress occurs with all other electric and electronic devices, too.  There are adverse health effects - see What Doctors Warn.  Scientific studies have shown that EMF exposure has a cumulative effect, increasing over time.   Be sure to reduce the risks for your children who face a lifetime of exposure and those with poorer health conditions, they are especially at risk.  For an appreciation of this start at Child Risks.

Depletion of your body's bioenergy causes a lowered energetic capability, at a fundamental atomic level.  See Atoms & EMF.  Disturbance of it's inherent bioenergetic system results in disruptions to cellular functions and a compromised immune system.  Start at Energy Systems.  Quite simply, your body systems are no longer able to work in the way that they would if such destructive interference from EMR was not imposed on you.  To see how human energies are affected by common electronic devices see bioenergy test charts showing patterns typical of that experienced by everyone from Human Tests.

If you can't understand why the authorities are allowing you to be exposed to such risks, start at my Research page.  So-called "safety" regulations only consider thermal (tissue heating) effects, but frighteningly disregard low frequency biological effects. Strong vested interests resist change to this in spite of mounting evidence.  For your own health and safety, and sustainable wellness, you need to adopt the Precautionary Principle with some urgency to avoid the risks of the invisible hazard of EMR that do compromise your health.  You can now make use of the amazing new GIA Wellness protection available to reduce the effects of EMR, and have the chance to enjoy sustainable wellness.  See GIA Wellness Protection Products.

Find out more so you can immediately protect yourself and achieve optimal health in our increasingly electropolluted world.


Health and safety needs to be treated seriously.  Be sure to get GIA Wellness (formerly Biopro Technology) protection for others that you care about, too.  Tell others about my website and the wealth of information it provides so they can avail themselves of this and the amazing new Biopro protection against the adverse health risks of increasing exposure to EMF in our modern technological world.


Others to assist in worthwhile protection enterprise?

Do you know of any enterprising people who care about others and may like to join with me in this worthwhile undertaking of providing protection to others from this growing  EMF radiation hazard?  You'll enjoy an additional income stream, too.

* Free Bioenergy test subject to product purchase and reasonable proximity to me or you pay travel costs, all at my discretion.

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