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Subtle Energy

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You - a being with a vital energy system !     Make sure you protect it !

Every living system involves its own subtle energy by which signals are instantly conveyed.  And it is influenced by the "noise" in electronic systems.

  Unfortunately yours is being diminished right now if you are in front of an "unprotected" computer !!!

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Subtle  Energy

HUMAN  perspective

PHYSICS  perspective

What Subtle Energy involves

Unified Energy

The term Subtle Energy (SE) is of recent origin.  Subtle Energy is a type of unified energy that involves a physical energy or field, such as electromagnetic or acoustic, which is of very low magnitude.  It is of such low intensity ways of measuring are still being developed.

Subtle energies from the universe course into the human body through the bioenergy system, and after conversion into physical forces, aid the physical body in maintaining health.

Contemporary quantum physics has mathematically described and predicted the presence of a unified energy which underlies conventional transverse electromagnetic (EM) vectors.  The concept of a Subtle Energy underlying EM fields has evolved from that.

Magnetic vector potentials may well be the means by which energy exchanges occur between subtle energy fields and the physical world of electromagnetics.

Vital  signals

Electronic noise

Communications within the body are vital for maintaining life, activity and health, and avoiding disease.  This is done by energy signals.  So signals and noise are very important in biological systems.

Biophysicists trying to understand life and death from a fundamental perspective, see that "signals" and their processing are essential for life, while noise and its proliferation constitutes opposite.

If inappropriate signals are processed in the body, this may result in a disease.

Scientists and engineers have been concerned with signals and noise since the early days of radio and telephone communications.

Noise in electronic systems is an increasingly significant issue in modern times, especially since the amount of electronic information we process and transfer is enormous.

Reducing "noise" is vital to preserving the integrity of any signal.  Radio and electronic engineers are constantly working on this sort of problem.

Signal breakdowns

Signal-to-Noise' ratio

Any organized system requires transmission and interpretation of specific signals.

When signals breakdown, and when noise overtakes the signals, then chaos results and disorder prevails. 
If it is transitory, health could be restored.
If it is permanent, then death might results.  In fact, one might say that life is a constant struggle to maintain a certain amount of signal in spite of on-going noise. 

Thus, we see in physics and in biophysics - in the world around us and the one within us - that reduction and possible elimination of noise is an important task.

The 'Signal-to-Noise' ratio ( simply S/N ) should be larger than 1.  That is, the signal should always be larger than the noise.  In most physical systems, we operate in a way to maintain this condition.

If S/N is less than 1 (signal smaller than noise), we are running into trouble.  Under these onditions, a physical system wil become defective, and a psychophysical system wil become sick.

Thus, reducing "noise" is vital to preserving the integrity of a signal.  This is very important to electronics, and even more especially so in humans.

From EMF to biology

Reducing electronic noise 

Subtle Energies act within the dynamic vacuum to influence magnetic vector potentials which in turn influences classical electro-magnetics. This provides a theoretical chain of causality from subtle energy engineering to electro-magnetic effects. 
This means that a subtle energy technology could alter the vacuum state in such a way that the magnetic vector potentials are clarified which in turn clarifies classical electro-magnetic phenomena and on up the chain to psychobiology. 

Noise is a fundamental property of all physical systems that operate at finite temperatures.

Even the best electronic chips, manufactured under the most stringent conditions exhibit noise. This is due to the fact that in the atomic and molecular make up, ever so small imperfections make the electronic flow random, and hence the material becomes noisy.

Electronic methods available in technology to extract "noise" are presently complex and expensive but more simple, practical methods for noise reduction are being devised.  They will prove to be of immense benefit to both technology and medical sciences.

Subtle Energy even in a vacuum

Classical EM fields

Subtle Energy fields might be a fundamental manifestation of energy that underlies classical energy systems.  What was once thought of as vacuum or empty space is not really so.

Quantum theory predicts the vacuum is really a container of enormous amounts of energy.  Particles seem to appear and disappear out of this vacuum.  Such processes are presently called Zero Point Fluctuations (ZPF), providing an infinite energetic background for the physical world.

As Subtle Energy fields seem to manifest as quasi-physical energies they play a significant part in human energy influence.


Classical EM fields have been under investigation since the laws of Maxwell were established more than 150 years ago in England.

In the modern day the associated physical fields are generated and  manipulated and put to use extensively for purposes such as distance communication signals, computer applications and all the electronics that are proliferating all around us.

Electromagnetic radiation is comprised of both an electric component and a magnetic component.  The electric component will be always be directly affected by magnetic shifts.  This is based on the principles of magnetics, where magnetic fields influence charged particles in motion such as photons, the carriers of electromagnetic force for such energy signals.

The magnetic vector can be used as a medium to carry an energy influencing potential.

Bioenergy degrading & EMF interference - chaotic energy state

You'll be aware of transmitted signal frequencies - radio waves, cellphone transmissions, TV signals, satellite signals, etc. - and fields associated with electricity.  A few immediately recognised ones are - , computer and TVs and their screens, as well as other electronic equipment - can all cause such interference with the subtle human energy at a biological level. 

If you would like to get FREE and listen to a excellent CD about Subtle Energy by Robert Richards, co-inventor of the QLink subtle energy enhancing device, just contact me. 


You have a sophisticated body electronics system that is vital to its function.  So don't allow yourself to be exposed to health risks invisibly imposed by EMF radiation from electric & magnetic fields and pulsed microwave transmission signals, which are at frequencies that disrupt your brain and cellular functions.  Cellphone and cordless phone use does carry well-established risks!  EMF stress occurs with all other electric and electronic devices, too.  There are adverse health effects - see What Doctors Warn.  Scientific studies have shown that EMF exposure has a cumulative effect, increasing over time.   Be sure to reduce the risks for your children who face a lifetime of exposure and those with poorer health conditions, they are especially at risk.  For an appreciation of this start at Child Risks.

Depletion of your body's bioenergy causes a lowered energetic capability, at a fundamental atomic level.  See Atoms & EMF.  Disturbance of it's inherent bioenergetic system results in disruptions to cellular functions and a compromised immune system.  Start at Energy Systems.  Quite simply, your body systems are no longer able to work in the way that they would if such destructive interference from EMR was not imposed on you.  To see how human energies are affected by common electronic devices see bioenergy test charts showing patterns typical of that experienced by everyone from Human Tests.

If you can't understand why the authorities are allowing you to be exposed to such risks, start at my Research page.  So-called "safety" regulations only consider thermal (tissue heating) effects, but frighteningly disregard low frequency biological effects. Strong vested interests resist change to this in spite of mounting evidence.  For your own health and safety, and sustainable wellness, you need to adopt the Precautionary Principle with some urgency to avoid the risks of the invisible hazard of EMR that do compromise your health.  You can now make use of the amazing new GIA Wellness protection available to reduce the effects of EMR, and have the chance to enjoy sustainable wellness.  See GIA Wellness Protection Products.

Find out more so you can immediately protect yourself and achieve optimal health in our increasingly electropolluted world.


Health and safety needs to be treated seriously.  Be sure to get GIA Wellness (formerly Biopro Technology) protection for others that you care about, too.  Tell others about my website and the wealth of information it provides so they can avail themselves of this and the amazing new Biopro protection against the adverse health risks of increasing exposure to EMF in our modern technological world.


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