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Environmental EMF Basics

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Environmental Electromagnetic Fields EMFs -
                                                   a modern convenience gone bad

Indoors and out, we are surrounded with EMFs.  While some are natural, many are not, and in one way or another they will interact with any entity that is electrically based.  Humans fall within that category.  This is an exposition of EMFs, with emphasis on 60Hz (similar 50Hz) due to its prevalence.            Hz = Hertz, the frequency for much reticulated electricity.

Environmental EMFs

Commonly, the primary concern revolving around EMFs is how many milliGauss are bad.  However, milliGauss are NOT the only consideration.  EMFs, short for Electro-Magnetic Fields, implies by its nomenclature that something Electric and something Magnetic are involved.  EMFs by definition also include Electro-Static Fields, Radio Frequency (RF), and Transient Phenomena or "Electrical Noise".

To produce a framework where everyone has a similar knowledge level, a beginning from basics is paramount.

In Direct Current (DC), a current is produced when a resistance is placed across a source as shown.

The chemical reaction drives a passage of Electrons (Current) through the connections until the chemistry has exhausted its driving mechanism (Voltage). [9, 10]  The proper convention is that current exits the source from the Negative terminal and returns into the Positive terminal. 

 During this passage of current, an Electro-Magnetic Field is formed around the current path, resembling a series of concentric sleeves, with the strongest field present nearest the current path.

An Electro-Static Field is similarly established around the conductors, which resembles rays emanating out from the wire.

Both fields will have directional properties that depend on the direction of current flow. [8, 10]

This comprises the majority of electrical wiring schemes in an automobile. Because there is no connection between the automobile's electrical system and the Earth, we describe the wiring system as "Floating".  That is, touching any "ONE" connection in the 12 Volt system, there is no chance of shock.

When DC was employed for public domestic usage, however, it became a dismal failure, because of Wire Resistance. While most wire is made of Copper and Aluminum, and its resistance is quite low, over a considerable distance of say a few miles, the resistance becomes a limiting factor.

In a DC scheme, the generating station would have to feed the customer at the required voltages without conversion devices.  So if a customer next to the station needed 120 volts, the station would produce 120 volts.  If another customer several miles away needed 120 volts the station would produce 120 volts, plus the voltage required to overcome the wires' resistance.  

This situation spelled the end of the DC distribution system.  This is where standard formulas begin to fit in, as the current needed times the wire resistance would produce a Voltage Drop (E=IxR) over the length of the wire. In an automobile this length/wire-resistance issue does not exist, so it can function quite well.

Steady-state Magnetic and Static fields have been our normal everyday setting, from before recorded history until the late 1800s. [1, 6]  The planetary Magnetic field, and the gently changing Static field have connected us to the Earth’s periodic rhythms. [1]   However, this was to change.


In the mid 1800s, experimenters noticed that when a current was pulsed through a wire coil (the Primary), it would produce a similar pulse of current through a nearby coil of wire (the Secondary).

Further experiments with different numbers of turns allowed them to increase or decrease the voltage on the Secondary coil.  The applicable law of physics is that a changing magnetic field will produce a changing electric (voltage) field, and vice versa. [8]  So if a continuously changing source of voltage/current could be produced, a flexible voltage and current transfer system could be engineered.

Enter Nikola Tesla.

This gentleman realized that if a coil with DC current flowing through it could have Relative Motion (such as spinning) nearby another coil, the secondary coil would experience a continuously changing flow of current, or Alternating Current (AC).  The beauty of this product is that power can be transferred long distances at High Voltage, eliminating the problem with wire resistance because of reduced currents, [5] and reduced (via the two coil assembly, or Transformer) to the required voltage where needed. ( W=ExI (that is, for the same power, with a higher voltage the current can be reduced), and E=IxR (that is, the voltage drop is directly related to the amount of current passed))

To further improve the efficiency of the spinning machine, he identified and produced the modern three-phase system. In the US power system 16.6 ms elapse / cycle (60 Hz), elsewhere 20 ms (50 Hz).

The sketches below indicates how AC Voltage and Current are formed and distributed:

Delta and Wye Generation, Transmission and Distribution patterns

Now having the essence of the modern power distribution systems, we can cover the effects of it.


Effects of Modern Power Distribution Systems

Since the power distribution uses high voltage, there is a pervasive presence of Electro-Static fields anywhere near Aerial power lines.  These lines are supplied with devices (regulators and/or cap banks) to raise or lower their voltage depending on load, causing Transients when they are operated.  These Transients are expressed over many miles of wire as a step change in Electric (Voltage) and Magnetic field, with subsequent oscillations that may last a few seconds.

The Electro-Static field may be present for several hundred feet to either side of the wiring but is partially or fully absorbed by conductive structures such as trees, or fully absorbed by the moist soil when the wiring is underground.

While many studies have been conducted that implicate the presence of an Alternating Magnetic field presence with diseases (and it is beyond the scope of this document to enumerate them), there is a recent study that implicated a Leukemia peak with children as being synchronized with the appearance of electrical distribution systemsThis primarily implicates Voltage. [3]

In a properly wired system all current leaving a wire returns to a nearby wire. Magnetic Fields cancel (more so than Electro-Static Fields), and the nearby exposure is reduced. When they do not, a Net Current is produced which causes a Magnetic field that extends for substantial distance (several hundred feet). In a three-phase system, an attempt is made to keep the phases balanced, but any divergence will cause net currents, and a Primary Magnetic Field. Bear in mind that because the Primary operates at High Voltages, the currents in use are much reduced. Thus for any high voltage Distribution or Transmission system the impact from Electro-Static Fields is always present, and depending on load, then also from the Electro-Magnetic field .

To add to the complexity of the matter, the two forms of distribution (Delta and Wye) have differing problems.
Delta systems are not referenced to Ground, so if a wire breaks and falls to the ground, it remains energized.
In a Wye system, usage of multiple grounds to Earth, whose electrical conductivity varies, can cause elevated ground references bringing about stray currents and voltages (at locations distant from the substation due to wire resistance).

In situations of Stray Currents, metallic equipment “grounded” to the Electrical Ground will have a voltage above the Earth’s zero reference that can be as much as 10-15 VAC.  This voltage will change through daily cycles depending on the circuit load, and cause shock on contact to animals, or humans walking about with bare feet.

That is the exterior power distribution system in a nutshell, and now we can discuss the domestic setting.


Residential Wiring

A typical residence is supplied with a three-wire electrical feed. One of these wires is tied to Earth Ground (that is, in contact with the soil, and often to metallic water piping) and is referred to as the Neutral. The other two wires individually provide 120 Volts to Ground, or 240 volts between them.

The wiring is scattered about the home to provide power at every available point of use.


Residential Wiring Types

There are three types of residential wiring schemes:

1)  Knob-and-Tube, the oldest, worst, and still approved,

2)  Romex, where the wires are insulated in a dual PVC jacket, and 

3)  BX, where the wires are insulated in a PVC jacket, and then shielded by a metallic armor.

Knob-and-Tube wiring uses supply and return wiring that are separated by about 16". This produces the greatest residential availability of Magnetic and Voltage fields. Below is a depiction of Magnetic Field Compression for adjacent wiring. As they get closer, compression leads also to cancellation.
Romex has adjacent supply and return wiring allowing for the greatest reduction of Magnetic fields.  Not so with Voltage fields.  The voltage available on Romex is not fully cancelled by the adjacent Ground and Neutral wires, and radiates out into the adjoining spaces, right through walls. 

This produces a residential Electro-Static (Voltage) ambiance that is curiously reminiscent of the inside of an electrified birdcage. 

The greatest majority of homes are wired with Romex.

BX is constructed similarly to Romex with the exception that there is a Metallic Armor around the wires.

The Metallic Armor is connected to Ground and eliminates all Voltage emissions from associated wiring.


Adding to the complexity of the types of wire employed, there is the presence of appliance and lighting cordage.  This wire is typically encased in a plastic jacket and introduces AC voltage further into the living space.

When one is exposed to Steady State Magnetic fields, as from the Earth, there is induced a resonant vibration of all Ions throughout the body [8]this is the normal environmentWhen that same person is exposed to an Alternating (changing) Magnetic field, internal currents are produced in the various structures of the body, whose strength will vary with the conductivity of the specific organ. [7]  These currents can produce direct and indirect Ionization and subsequent abnormal chemistry.  Frequency-related effects also occur, which are beyond the scope of this short document. [2]

When one is exposed to Steady State Static (Voltage) fields, as from Nature, a whole body stress is produced.  This is generally quite low in intensity, except when there is storm activity nearby.  When that same person is exposed to Alternating Static fields, two things happen: 1) a surface “body” voltage develops that can easily be measured, and 2) an internal whole-body alignment of all charged or polarized molecules occurs, which changes with the applied voltage (incidentally, humans are about 75% water, a polarized molecule).  The alignment effects can bring about abnormal chemistry.

In a contemporary properly wired setting there will be lots of voltage, if not from wiring internal to walls, then from appliance and lamp fixture cordage, or both.  The most significant impact is suffered in the bedroom, where the body is attempting to rest, recuperate, and possibly heal.

The typical bedroom setting entails a mattress with a metallic spring base, nightstands, various light fixtures, alarms, telephone, etc.  In such a setting the sleeping area is rich with Electro-Static fields.  A variety of discomforts, irritations, and illness can ensue, especially so for anyone that is Environmentally Sensitive.  The easiest remedy in the bedroom is to remove all electric fixtures from the vicinity of the bed.

Magnetic fields become manifest as a whole-house phenomenon when problems occur in a residence’s electric system.  The fact aside that external fields may exist, by opening the main breaker, all internally-caused fields should stop.  They may not, if there is a common tie to a public water-main system. In this case Net Currents produced at one home can be “shared” between all neighbors on the same transformer feed (which may be 5-10 residences) if fed from a Delta system, or shared between many more transformers and many more residences, if fed from a Wye system.  In this scenario, many problems may simultaneously exist which confound logical and straightforward troubleshooting attempts.

A connection generally going unnoticed is the one behind the electric meter, and many problems exist without the affected parties knowing, until their curiosity is aroused and they acquire a gauss-meter.  The reason this connection is crucial is that regular maintenance on an electrical system is not generally considered, and the connections are made with dissimilar metals, which causes oxidation to reduce the tightness of the junctions over time.  This produces Net Currents, a Magnetic field generally engulfing the entire residence, and a possible electrocution hazard when the weekend plumber cuts piping.

Electric Supply Service Feed patterns

Energised Grid

The 120 Volt (or 240 Volt) power distribution system within a home needs to additionally be considered as a "permanently energized grid" of wires, because even though there are many loads connected to it, it is still at 120 Volts.

This "permanently energized grid" can likewise absorb and echo impinging Radio Frequencies (RF)RF has properties that behave differently with biological systems primarily due to the frequencies involved, and the energy associated with that frequency (a Windowing Property).  As the frequency involved becomes progressively faster, the energy becomes more directional, to the point where light frequencies can be "beamed".

The EMF Spectrum (of which RF is a small part) is a continuous grouping of frequencies.  This continuum encompasses frequencies from 0 (DC) to infinite variations/second.  Within this realm are energies that Conduct through a physical medium (wire), and energies that Radiate through space.  The cutoff line between Radiation and Conduction is about 30MHz (Megahertz, or millions of cycles/second). [6]

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Below this frequency Voltage and Magnetic components (which Radiate into the space surrounding the conductor at the speed of light) need to be considered and treated as separate entities.

Above this frequency the two components are so intertwined as to be inseparable, and require a different treatment.

The general consideration is that energies slower than Visible Light do not have enough energy to produce physical changes in matter such as Ionization.  Ionization, however, can easily be produced when even a minuscule amount of electrical current is involved.

The primary interaction with matter from RF, as with all electrostatic fields, is a polar molecular alignment that is forced to change with each cycle.

As the electrostatic field becomes more intense, even atomic orbits become distorted. [10]  At certain frequencies this manifests itself as a molecular friction that is known as heat.  Although this is the basis for Thermal Biological effects (and exposure recommendations), there are other effects that are more subtle that interfere with normal body chemistry.  At faster frequencies chemical changes can be brought about directly, forming such compounds as cataracts. [6]

An additional consideration with RF impinging on a biological system is that the latter is not Linear. That is, biological systems have certain behavioral characteristics that resemble semiconductors [2], allowing for Heterodyning, where the impinging energies are combined to form sum and difference frequencies. [11] These can provide for avenues of interaction not considered when the original frequencies are considered. This mixing and combining can produce synergies that are beyond the scope of this paper, as well as beyond the scope of most studies to date.

Transient Phenomena are caused whenever a step change in energy is brought about. [5] An excellent example is Lightning. Another classic example is the firing of spark plugs within an automobile. Other examples include the HV sweep circuits within a television, turning on a light bulb, running an Air Conditioning compressor (because of the motor brushes that make-and-break contact in rapid sequence), etc. Some devices are engineered to cycle in and out of operation automatically, such as a refrigerator, or furnace, so one never knows when they might come on. Since a typical transformer feeds 5-15 customers without any buffering devices, electrical Transients produced by one will be broadcast to all, unreduced.


Transient Phenomena

Transient Phenomena have at least two peculiar characteristics:

1)  each burst will produce a ringing of the EMF spectrum, whose Frequency extent will vary with the energy content of the burst, and

2)  they are able to penetrate insulating barriers more easily.

This feature is employed in Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) instruments that are used to alleviate pain.  Many Transient Phenomena produced by common residential electrical devices ride on the 60 Hz Voltage [5] and can likewise penetrate the skin and interfere with the Central Nervous System (CNS).

The CNS performs Muscle control by electrical pulses (Action Potential) that are characteristic to the electrochemical messages constantly occurring within the body. [9]  When an electrical pulse (or pulses) of similar waveform is (are) able to enter the highly conductive structure below the skin, interference in the form of irritation, pain, or outright failure to control physical activity may occur.  Other pulses wholly within the brain can similarly be interfered with.

Irritating Cyclic or Transient Phenomena can manifest themselves through the Auditory, Visual, Tactile senses, or directly by EMF interaction with the CNS.


Photosensitive Epilepsy

The study associated with this close-up of a portion of the frequency spectrum, involved Photosensitive stimulation of epileptic and/or convulsive behavior.

Although the study noted involved only a small group of primarily young individuals, Environmentally Sensitive individuals may suffer sensitivity and irritability when exposed to these frequencies at any age, be they produced visually, or otherwise, in any form.


There are certain low frequencies that occur naturally, such as Lightning-induced Atmospheric Schumann Resonance, and Lunar and Solar cycles that are very low in frequency.  These various frequencies are needed by humans, animals, and plants to synchronize with normal and periodic cycles characteristic of growth and good health. [1]

The encroachment of this frequency region by artificial means is especially troubling.  When one considers the benefit of shielding from artificial sources, one needs to consider the detriment of also shielding from the Natural Electrical Background.


Considering Milligauss

To answer the first question of how many milligauss is bad, when one takes into perspective that we exist in a sea of non-alternating Planetary Magnetism whose value ranges around 500 mG, and that many studies have already shown an association with various illnesses with a background of as little as one or two milligauss (1 or 2 mG) of alternating field, it should seem obvious that ANY Presence should be cause for concern.

That is, any presence that is a wide-area field that you cannot walk away from, to an area of lower intensity, or a field whose duration spans a substantial part of your day.

For the other aspects of EMF components, being Voltage, RF, and Transients, the answer is more difficult, if indeed an answer can be given.  When one considers that every day new applications are found for wireless or other electrical devices, it is obvious that the RF and Transient background is on a rapid increase.

Voltage, on the other hand, is the more insidious of irritants, as it is a given that if a voltage environment is not additionally created from wires within the walls, it will Always be created by appliance cordage within the living space.  When one considers that the frailest humans are the infants, the elderly, and the injured, it is just a matter of time before one falls into those categories and the obvious connection is made.

For infants especially, the reality of the connection can be dramatic.   This author is familiar with a child that moved into a fairly new home and within a few days developed a sleep dysfunction that lasted for months.  When the author learned of it, and convinced the parents to relocate the crib away from energized power cords, the child's sleep pattern reverted to an expected full night's sleep within a few days. [12]

“Since the early 1980s about 100 occupational and 40 residential epidemiological studies have been published (NIEHS – Health effects from exposure to power line electric and magnetic fields.  Research Triangle Park. US GPO Publ. No. 99-4493). Interestingly, of the approximately 500 separate risk ratios published in these studies, six are elevated for every one that is reduced.” [3]

While the major emphasis in most of the published studies has been on Magnetic fields exclusively, the confounding factor of not including Electric (Voltage) fields, and not including the interaction with the Earth’s background Magnetic field, which in most cases dwarfs the Alternating contribution required to produce statistically significant incidence of diseases (500 mg VS 2mG), has rendered most of the associations weak.

The author of the present document contends that Electric (Voltage) fields are the more ominous factor to consider. Voltage fields are present in a living environment 100% of the time, at 100% intensity, as long as anything is plugged into a power source. ALL appliance and light fixture cordage, grounded or not, is manufactured unshielded and becomes a prolific emitter of voltage. Magnetic fields, on the other hand, are caused by wiring errors, multi-grounding arrangements (to “protect” an innocent and ignorant public), and wiring separation in Primary Distribution wiring. These may almost be considered minor, compared to the prevalence of voltage fields in the living environment. Magnetic fields, are most difficult to shield from, and field reduction is a source reduction engineering task. Voltage fields, however, are present in ALL residences.

The advent of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) devices, clearly depicts that very sharp and small voltage waveforms can easily penetrate the skin barrier and interact directly with the Central Nervous System (CNS). There is an uncanny similarity between these waveforms and electrical “noise” produced by intermittent contacts, which is broadcast between consumers without reduction due to the common ties to supply transformers. This electrical “noise” may be small in value, but when it is brought directly to the skin surface of every occupant due to the ambient voltage fields it rides on, the potential for harm cannot be underestimated. Environmentally Sensitive individuals who may have progressed to Electrical Sensitivity are especially at risk.

Every individual is electrically sensitive to some degree. The awareness of this sensitivity is not always obvious, but objectivity about various forms of irritation can make for a quick association. When one’s immune system has been damaged or compromised from injury, the sensitivity becomes enhanced, and the irritation can become extreme. It is at this point that the association becomes too obvious, and it is at this point that drastic field reduction measures achieve only partial relief. The individual is then left to regress to a non-electric living environment. A radical departure from the electrical “conveniences” one has become accustomed to.



Common formulas applicable to single phase and DC systems.

P = Power in Watts        I = Current in Amps

E = Voltage in Volts        R = Resistance in Ohms


Alternation – Cyclic change between arbitrary reference points.

Conductivity – Electrical characteristic that allows easy passage of charged particles on its surface or within its structure.  A human’s skin is primarily a non-conductor, unless wet or moist, whereas the interior organs are generally conductors.

Electric (Voltage) Field / Electro-Static Field – Volumetric (3-D) property brought about by a difference of charged particle distribution (Potential Difference).

EMF – Classically defined as an ElectroMagnetic Field, a volumetric property brought about by a combination of inseparable Magnetic and Electric fields.  At lower frequencies the two fields need to be treated separately.

Faraday Cage – Metal-clad enclosure for Electric isolation (some non-metallic, but electrically conductive, materials may also be used).

Gauss – CGS (English) measure of Magnetic field density.

Gaussmeter – Generally an instrument used to detect Alternating Magnetism.

Hertz – Measure depicting Cycles/second.

Ion – Atom that is electrically charged due to imbalance between its + (Protons) and – (Electron) charge distribution.  The imbalance may occur as an unequal sharing between the atom and the molecule (or another atom) it is attached to.  This generally leads to a Polarized Molecule as described below.

INT – Induction Neutralizing Transformer, device used to remove unwanted alternating electric components from specific wiring, such as Telephone.

Magnetic Field – Volumetric property brought about by a flow of charged particles (Electrons), or Atomic Alignment.

MC – Metal Clad, wire type that uses a metallic armor as part of its protective cover.  BX is a common trade name for this type of wire.

Net Current – Difference between the current supplied and the current returned in any particular circuit.

NM – Non Metal-clad wire type that uses a soft PVC jacket for insulation.  Romex is a common trade name for this type of wire.

Polarized – Uneven charge distribution about a molecule that allows it to interact with any environmental Electric (Voltage) field.  Humans are about 75% water, a polarized molecule.

RF – Radio Frequency, generally alternating fields faster than about 30 MHz.

Tesla – MKS (Metric) measure of Magnetic field density.

1 Gauss = 0.0001 Tesla
10,000 Gauss = 1 Tesla
1 milliGauss (mG) = 0.1 microTesla (uT)
10 mg = 1 uT


1)  ENERGY MEDICINE: The Scientific Basis - James L. Oschman, Candace Pert – Publisher: Churchill Livingstone, Inc., - 2000, ISBN: 0-443-06261-7.

The above highlights newer material that has become obvious by recent biophysical research.

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The above is a foundational book that elaborates on the electrical aspects of anatomy and physiology.

3)  Historical Evidence that residential electrification caused the emergence of the childhood Leukemia - Peak S. Milham, E. M. Ossiander – 2001

Available on the Internet as a PDF file.

While the authors for the above, make a subtle inference to Magnetic fields as the causative agent, the author of this paper contends that the occurrence of the Leukemia Peak was primarily due to exposure to Voltage, not Magnetism. Early electrification did not immediately drive everyone to the electrical appliance store, which would have resulted in the Magnetism they claim.  However, immediately upon electrification, there was an ambient voltage that was present at 100%, 100% of the time.

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The above follows the "accepted" standards and guidelines.

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13)  Evidence that Electromagnetic Radiation Is Genotoxic: The Implications For the Epidemiology of Cancer and Cardiac, Neurological and Reproductive Effects Dr. Neil Cherry June 2000, available for purchase as a PDF file at www.neilcherry.com, or free as an HTM file (with a few typos) on the Internet.

The above is an excellent paper and is recommended for nursing, doctoral, or other health-related professionals, as well as those individuals with the patience to peruse detailed technical matter.  Read about damage at the cellular and molecular level with detailed drawings.  Also read how RF is simply a faster application of the same concepts discussed above.

Full text and graphics © 2006, Environmental Assay Inc. / Sal La Duca, except as otherwise noted.

Author -

Sal La Duca, Building Biologist, BS, BBEC/BBEI, CIE, FCC Licensed

Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 USA


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