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Electrons waves

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Scientists of the early 20th Century found they couldn't explain the behaviour of atoms using their current knowledge of matter.  This led to a new view of matter and energy being developed to accurately describe how atoms were found to behave, called the Quantum Theory.

Quantum Theory describes matter as acting both as a particle and as a wave.
In the visible objects encountered in everyday life, the wavelike nature of matter is too small to be apparent.  Wavelike nature becomes important, however, in microscopic particles such as electrons that behave like waves as they exist as a fuzzy cloud of negative charge - in atoms around the nucleus - instead of as a particle located at a single point.

Electromagnetic Force

In physics, a force is a push or pull on an object.  There are four fundamental forces acting inside atoms.

The most familiar of these forces at work inside all atoms is the electromagnetic force.  Obviously this includes atoms making up humans.

This electromagnetic force keeps electrons attached to their atom.

This electromagnetic force is the same force that causes people's hair to stick to a brush or comb when they have a build-up of static electricity.

The electromagnetic force causes -

  • opposite electric charges to attract each other . negatively charged electrons in an atom are attracted to the positively charged protons in the atom's nucleus so binding the electrons to the atom.

  • like charges to repel each other negatively charged electrons repel one another, although the positively charged nucleus exerts enough electromagnetic force to keep the electrons attached to the atom.

Physicists eventually learned that particles as small as electrons can behave like waves, and this property keeps electrons at set distances from the atom's nucleus.

Electrons as Waves

Electrons behave as both particles and waves in atoms.

This characteristic is called wave-particle duality. It affects all particles and collections of particles, including protons, neutrons, and atoms themselves.

In terms of the structure of the atom, the wavelike nature of the electron is the most important.

As waves, electrons have wavelengths and frequencies. The wavelength of an electron depends on the electron's energy.  Since the energy of electrons is kinetic (energy related to motion), an electron's wavelength depends on how fast it is moving.  The more energy an electron has, the shorter its wavelength is.

Electron waves can interfere with each other, just as waves along a rope do when varied or interrupted by someone holding the end of the rope.

Wave Behaviour

Waves are vibrations that repeat regularly over and over again.  A familiar example of waves occurs when one end of a rope is tied to a fixed object and someone moves the other end up and down.  This action creates waves that travel along the rope.  The highest point that the rope reaches is called the crest of the wave and the lowest point is called the trough of the wave.  Troughs and crests usually follow each other in a regular sequence.

  •  Wavelength = the distance from one trough to the next trough, or from one crest to the next crest.

  •  Frequency = the number of wavelengths that pass a certain point in a given amount of time.

In physics, the word "wave" usually means the entire pattern, which may consist of many individual troughs and crests.  For example, when the person holding the loose end of the rope moves it up and down very fast, many troughs and crests occupy the rope at once.  A physicist would use the word "wave" to describe the entire set of troughs and crests of the rope.

When two waves meet each other, they merge in a process called interferenceInterference creates a new wave pattern.

If two waves with the same wavelength and frequency come together, the resulting pattern depends on the relative position of the waves' crests.  If the crests and troughs of the two waves coincide, the waves are said to be "in phase".

If two waves are not the same - "out of phase" - destructive interference can occur.

  • Constructive Interference = Waves "in phase" with each other merging to produce higher crests and lower troughs.

  • Destructive Interference = Waves "out of phase" with each other have respective crests and troughs that do not coincide.

In destructive interference, if two identical waves are exactly half a wavelength out of phase, the crests of one wave line up with troughs of the other so these waves cancel each other out completely, and no wave will appear.

In destructive interference, if two waves meet that are not exactly in phase and not exactly one-half wavelength out of phase, they will interfere constructively in some places and destructively in others, producing a complicated new wave.

These characteristics of wave interference are very significant in realising the effect that man-made EMF (ElectroMagnetic Force) radiation waves may have on the subtle electromagnetic force of human cells and energy.

Electron Energy Levels

Each electron in an atom has a particular energy. This energy depends on the electron's speed, the presence of other electrons, the electron's distance from the nucleus, and the positive charge of the nucleus. For atoms with more than one electron, calculating the energy of each electron becomes too complicated to be practical. However, the order and relative energies of electrons follows the order of the electron orbitals.

Physicists call the energy an electron has in a particular orbital the energy state of the electron. For example, the "1s orbital" holds the two electrons with the lowest possible energies in an atom. These electrons are in the lowest energy state of any electrons in the atom.

Adding & Loosing Energy

When an atom gains or loses energy, it does so by adding energy to, or removing energy from, its electrons.  This change in energy causes the electrons to move from one orbital, or allowed energy state, to another.

Under ordinary conditions, all electrons in an atom are in their lowest possible energy states, given that only two electrons can occupy each orbital.  Atoms gain energy by absorbing it from light or from a collision with another particle, or they gain it by entering an electric or magnetic field.  When an atom absorbs energy, one or more of its electrons moves to a higher, or more energetic, orbital.

Atoms loose energy by entering an electric or magnetic field.  When electrons drop back down to their original energy states, they release their extra energy in the form of a photon (a packet of radiation).


The photon is a quantum of the electromagnetic field and one photon is the smallest amount of electromagnetic radiation that can exist.  All electromagnetic radiation is quantized as photons.  Photons were originally called "energy quanta".  They are commonly in packets with the intensity relating to the number of photons in the packet.

Unlike most particles, photons have no detectable intrinsic mass, or "rest mass".  Photons are always moving at the speed of light, which varies according to the medium in which they travel.

In a clean medium that's about 300,000 kilometers per second.





The photon can be perceived as a wave or a particle, depending on how it is measured.

Photons can be created and destroyed when interacting with other particles.  A photon's interactions with electrons and atomic nuclei account for a great many of the features of matter such as the existence and stability of atoms, molecules and solids.

Despite their lack of mass, photons have momentum proportional to their frequency (or inversely proportional to their wavelength), and this momentum can be transferred when a photon collides with matter (like a moving billiard ball transfers momentum into another ball).  This is known as radiation pressure.

An EMF field exerts such an influencing pressure force.

A wide variety of low-energy photons are created by the oscillation of electric fields in conductors in transmitters used for telecommunication - radio waves, television and radar signals, etc.

These enable packets of photons to flow as broadcast electromagnetic waves.





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