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Breast Cancer 2006 - EMF connection

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Concerned about the growing numbers of women and men being affected by breast cancer?
Did you know that it can be caused by exposure to EMF radiation?

State of the Evidence 2006:

What Is the Connection between your Environment and Breast Cancer?

Published by Breast Cancer Fund and Breast Cancer Action public health initiatives in USA.

Abstracts from report herewith.  You can download your own from www.breastcancerfund.org  

Note as shown: [Emphasis added is mine] and [One connecting phrase my addition]

A PDF file of  my Abstracts of the latest News on protecting yourself against breast cancer can be obtained thru this link ...  Breast Cancer Rpt 2006 TLBio.pdf

Executive Summary

"Breast cancer rates have been climbing steadily in the United States and other industrialized countries, amounting to more than 1,000,000 cases per year worldwide.  In the United States, a woman's lifetime risk of breast cancer has nearly tripled during the past 4 decades.

In 2005, an estimated 211,240 U.S. women were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and more than 58,000 women were expected to be diagnosed with one type of in-situ breast cancer, meaning the tumor is confined to its original location in the breast.
In 2005, breast cancer was expected to kill more than 40,000 American women and more than 410,000 women worldwide.

The rate of new cases per year continues to inch upward in the U.S. even though billions of dollars have been spent on breast cancer research.

Less than one out of every 10 cases occurs in women born with a genetic predisposition for the disease, and as many as half of all breast cancers occur in women who have no known risk factors for the disease.

The latest 2006 State of the Evidence report demonstrates that a significant body of scientific evidence links exposure to radiation and synthetic chemicals to an increased risk of breast cancer.  It summarises the findings of more than 350 experimental, epidemiologic and ecological studies and describes some of the ongoing controversies in breast cancer research.

The report recommends new directions for future research and includes a 10-point plan to act on the evidence and reduce human exposure to radiation [see below] and synthetic chemicals.  This plan is based primarily on the precautionary principle, which in part states that indication of harm, not just proof of harm, is grounds for action.

Two decades of research on laboratory animals, wildlife and cell behavior have shown the inadequacy of the long-held belief that "the dose makes the poison".  Scientists now know that the timing, duration and pattern of exposure are at least as important as the dose.  Low-dose exposure to [low frequency non-ionising radiation and] chemicals in the environment (parts per billion or even per trillion) during a critical window of an organism's development can cause permanent damage to organs and systems.

We are all exposed to radiation and to hundreds, if not thousands, of chemicals every day of our lives, yet we know very little about the likely synergistic effects of these multiple exposures.  Testing one exposure at a time for its effects ignores this reality.

Patterns of breast cancer incidence indicate the importance of environmental exposures.  Women who move from countries with low breast cancer rates to industrialized countries soon acquire the higher risk of their new country.

[Following are some items from the report citing EMF radiation]
  • Occupational exposure to extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields was shown to increase breast cancer risk among postmenopausal women, especially when exposure occurred before age 3573

  •  A cluster of male breast cancers was reported among a small group of men occupationally exposed to high electromagnetic fields. 74

  • An Italian study found that truck driving was the most frequent occupation of male breast cancer patients with BRCA1 / BRCA2 mutations, possibly implicating exposure to PAHs. 75

  • A review of the epidemiologic literature on male breast cancer also identifies exposure to EMFs and PAHs as risk factors. 76

"We ignore at our peril evidence that radiation and chemicals are contributing to the growing human and economic cost of breast cancerHalting the scourge of this disease requires that we take action based on existing evidence to protect the health of people and the planet.  Waiting for absolute proof brings more needless suffering and loss of lives.  It is in our power to change the course we are on. It is time to act on the evidence.

A 10-Point Plan for Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer and Ultimately Ending the Epidemic:

4.  Educate the public about the health effects of radiation and how to reduce exposure to both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation.

END Abstracts of Executive Summary of report "State of the Evidence 2006: What Is the Connection between your Environment and Breast Cancer?"

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A PDF file of  my Abstracts of the latest News on protecting yourself against breast cancer can be obtained thru this link ...  Breast_Cancer_Rpt 2006_TLBio.pdf


You have a sophisticated body electronics system that is vital to its function.  So don't allow yourself to be exposed to health risks invisibly imposed by EMF radiation from electric & magnetic fields and pulsed microwave transmission signals, which are at frequencies that disrupt your brain and cellular functions.  Cellphone and cordless phone use does carry well-established risks!  EMF stress occurs with all other electric and electronic devices, too.  There are adverse health effects - see What Doctors Warn.  Scientific studies have shown that EMF exposure has a cumulative effect, increasing over time.   Be sure to reduce the risks for your children who face a lifetime of exposure and those with poorer health conditions, they are especially at risk.  For an appreciation of this start at Child Risks.

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